Virginia Fly Fishing Guide on Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Fishing Guide

At 15 months of age, I began what has become a life-long ambition – fishing!  Since that time, I have developed a love for fly and light tackle fishing on the waters of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay.  Much of my childhood was spent exploring the wonders of this unique estuary. 

I continued to gain an understanding of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem in college through studies in marine and environmental science.  Upon graduation from Old Dominion University, I returned home to the Middle Peninsula to start my career as a Chesapeake Bay fishing guide.  Now after two decades in the business, I still cherish the ability to share this magnificent area with fellow anglers. 

I firmly believe that we cannot take from the resource without giving something back which is why I spend much of my time off the water advocating for healthy habitat and robust fish stocks.  I formerly served on Chesapeake Bay Stakeholders Advisory Group and as the recreational fishing representative at Virginia Marine Resources Commission.  I am on the board of directors for American Saltwater Guides Association.

Capt. Chris Newsome - Virginia Fly Fishing Guide

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 Capt. Chris Newsome